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Empowering communities to end AIDS in Indonesia through tailored medical and digital interventions
We aim to launch mid-late 2020
HIV is increasing rapidly in certain populations in Indonesia, despite effective treatment and prevention. Our mission is to accelerate the HIV response towards an AIDS free nation through collaboration and research.


UTAMA is a media and digital tool that will empower men at risk of HIV to be tested, to engage in effective HIV prevention or treatment, and to get the care they need and deserve. It will be developed via a social science research study and form part of a comprehensive behavioural and medical HIV intervention.
Through UTAMA, we will:

Features will include tailored short films on health promotion and communication of new content such as:

The content is curated by the target population, to ensure it reflects the diversity of their sexual health, social and cultural needs, and helps manage the stigma they face to enhance their health and wellbeing.

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The project

Understanding culture, community, stigma and the social and behavioural context are vital in providing effective HIV prevention to those most at risk.

Our aim is to improve access, uptake and engagement in comprehensive medical HIV prevention, not only to accelerate the HIV response, but also promote wellbeing, health equity and provide a human-rights based approach to HIV care and prevention.

Our digital tools will showcase simple, effective health and wellbeing information in formats that appeal to Indonesian youth, on digital forums they use on a daily basis.

The UTAMA project will provide comprehensive, open access HIV treatment and aspects of biomedical prevention, including pre exposure prophylaxis, utilising rapid diagnostics in the study clinics. We aim to integrate the medical HIV prevention within the national acceleration programme.

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Atma Jaya Catholic University

The HIV/AIDS centre at the Atma Jaya Catholic University, Jakarta focuses on policy and social-behavioural research related to HIV and AIDS, HIV prevention interventions, reproductive and sexual health and the role of civil society in health sector development for Indonesia. The pioneering centre has been engaged in HIV-AIDS research and policy since the early stage of the epidemic.

A comprehensive package of free, open access, person-focused biomedical HIV prevention, facilitated by rapid diagnostics will run through Bali Peduli, Denpasar and Ubud, Bali. The clinic's vision is to eliminate barriers in care to prevent the spread of HIV on Bali, and reduce stigma around HIV.

The Chelsea & Westminster NHS Foundation hospital trust, London is a global centre of excellence for HIV care and research. It has Europe’s busiest and most extensive HIV and sexual health service.

The project is inspired by a successful, innovative HIV prevention model tailored to an at-risk population from the 56 Dean Street sexual health and HIV service, Soho, London. Part of the Chelsea & Westminster NHS trust, the clinic is Europe's busiest and an internationally recognised, award winning health service.

Stakeholders engagement

Consultations and stakeholder engagements are underway and will continue throughout the rest of 2019 and 2020.


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